How to increase acceleration on a moped

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Mopeds have gained popularity in recent years as an efficient and effective mode of transportation. With gas prices steadily on the rise, the moped provides a low mileage solution for getting from point A to point B.

Increasing the acceleration of a moped can slightly decrease the fuel efficiency of a moped, but will increase its performance and overall speed. Modifying a moped requires some mechanical experience, and this project is not recommended for novices.

Remove any throttle restrictor or governor. Locate the accelerator and follow the cable line to the throttle body of the moped's engine. Remove the metal clip located between the throttle cable and throttle mouth. Use the needle nose pliers to twist the clip off of the cable. Ensure the accelerator can be revved properly while the engine is running.

Install a high performance air filter. Locate the filter box, normally found near the top of the engine. Use a screwdriver to remove the cover. Remove and discard the original paper filter. Install a high performance air filter in the same orientation as the previous filter. Reinstall and secure the filter cover.

Remove the retainer bolts holding the muffler exhaust pipe into place. Gently pry the exhaust pipe away from the engine and pull from the engine cavity. Install a high performance aftermarket muffler by securing the unit to the manifold opening. Secure the muffler using the original bolts. Start the engine and ensure proper exhaust function.