How to Remove a KIA Sportage Oil Filter

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Changing the oil filter in your Kia is an important part of maintaining a healthy engine. Changing the oil alone is not enough. The filter is designed to catch any metal shavings, dirt or other contaminants in the oil, and, if changed with every oil change, it will function well. Small particles of abrasive materials will damage the bearings, cylinders and other interior parts of the engine if left in the oil. Not changing the filter allows those particles to get into the new oil when you change it, so take the time to change that filter and protect your engine.

Jack up the front of your Sportage and position a set of jack stands under the frame to hold the weight of the vehicle while you are working under it. Locate the drain plug in the oil pan and position a drain pan under it.

Remove the drain plug from the oil pan with a box end wrench or socket and ratchet. Allow the oil to drain out of the engine and replace the plug when the oil stops draining. Tighten the drain plug with your wrench.

Locate the oil filter on the front driver's side of the engine. Position your drain pan below it to catch any oil that may leak when you remove the filter.

Remove the filter from the engine using an oil filter wrench to loosen it. Turn the filter counterclockwise until it is free of the threaded nipple on the oil pump housing, then remove it from the engine compartment.

Coat the rubber gasket on the new filter with fresh, clean oil to help it seal to the block. Fill the filter about 2/3 full with new oil and install it on the threaded nipple, then rotate it clockwise to tighten it. Do not use a wrench on the filter, just tighten it hand tight. The gasket will seal fine and it will be easier to remove later.

Support the front of your Sportage with the jack and remove the jack stands. Lower the car to the ground carefully.

Fill the engine with oil to the manufacturer's requirements. The Kia will hold 5 quarts of 5W30 oil, which you can get at any auto parts store. Verify the level of the oil by checking the dipstick before you drive the car.

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