How to Identify a Borg Warner Velvet Drive

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Manufactured since 1948, Velvet Drive marine transmissions were originally a subsidiary of the Borg Warner Corporation, but have been part of the Regal-Beloit Corporation since 1995. Known for its smooth ride and quiet operation, Velvet Drive transmissions consist of 71C and 72C direct drive models, 1004 and 1005 V-drives, the early CR2 models 1013 and 1014, the 5000 and Liberty series. All Velvet Drive transmissions are identified by the information provided on the identification tag -- except for the CR2 series, which need to be measured to determine the transmission model.

Find the Velvet Drive identification tag. According to Section One of the Velvet Drive 71C and 72C In-Line and V-Drive Models owner's manual, the identification tag is located on the top of the left-hand transmission mount. This tag includes the model number, serial number and gear ratio for the transmission in question. Transmarine Inc Velvet Drive page illustrates the identification tag location for all models.

Write down the information provided on the identification tag. The necessary codes are located underneath the Velvet Drive heading in individually labelled sections.

Reference the numbers to identify the Velvet Drive Model. Transmarine's Velvet Drive model number to ratio chart lists all the model and serial numbers along with the ratios. Identification is accomplished by comparing the information gathered from the identification tag and matching it to this chart.

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