How to Read a Suzuki Burgman VIN Number

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Not only does Suzuki make motorcycles and ATVs, they also make scooters. The Burgman scooters come in a range of sizes with the smallest engine at 125cc and the largest over 600cc. These scooters also come with a unique VIN number, or vehicle identification number. Each digit represents certain details about the scooter such as age, engine type and place of manufacture. All Burgman VIN numbers are 17 digits long and can be broken down using the Motoverse VIN decoder.

Go to the Motoverse website and look up the Suzuki VIN Decoder.

Type your Burgman VIN in the space that says "Enter your Suzuki VIN number." Click "Go" to start the search.

Examine the details of the Vin at the pop-up page. Every Burgman VIN will give you the following breakdown:

VIN World region Manufactured in Year Make Model Body Style Drive type Cylinders

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