How to Identify a Tillotson Carburetor Number

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Founded in 1914, Tillotson manufactures diaphragm, float and speciality carburettors designed for use on small engines. Throughout its history, Tillotson has made carburettors that are used for a variety of applications, from Indian motorcycles and Tecumseh lawnmowers to chainsaws and weed trimmers. Identification of Tillotson carburettors requires locating the model number stamped on the carburettor body, and referencing it to a Tillotson application chart to determine its original use. The Tillotson website contains charts and downloads to aid in the identification and specifications of Tillotson carburettors.

Search the body of the carburettor to find the Tillotson model number. Since these are small carburettors, the model number may be separated into two sections and stamped on different locations on the body of the carburettor. Tillotson carburettor models include the HU, HE, HS, HL, HW and series.

Write down the model number. Typically, Tillotson carburettor model numbers begin with a two-letter designation, such as "HS" or "HU," followed by a position code, such as "158F" or "7A." The first section is the carburettor model series and the second number is the specific carburettor designation within that series.

Match the carburettor model number to the application chart found on Tillotson's website (see "Resources"). When matched to this listing, the original application of the carburettor, along with the repair kit number, is identified. For example, "HS-158F" is identified as an HS-158F model Tillotson used on an Alpina/Castor model "70" or "P70." The "HU-7A" was used on an Andreas Stihl model "020AVPSEQ" chainsaw.

Research the Tillotson model number at the Tillotson website to find the specifications for each carburettor model.

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