How to Install a Wrangler JK Soft Top

Mike Powell/Digital Vision/Getty Images

The Jeep Wrangler JK is available with several different top combinations which include the hard top, soft top, and a dual top option which includes both. In the dual top model, the soft top is often removed to provide additional storage in the back of the vehicle when the hard top is in use.

Here are the particular steps necessary to reinstall the Wrangler JK soft top.

Remove the hard top before beginning soft top installation.

Install the door frames by placing the pin on the frame into the mounting hole on the vehicle body then insert the frame into the rubber seal near the top of the windshield. Attach the clips and tighten the knob on the top of the frame. While not strictly necessary, attaching the door frames allow for easy attachment of the doors when needed for on-road driving.

Re-attach the pivot brackets to the sports bar with the four screws that were removed when it was disconnected. This will require the #T30 Torx head driver. The attachment points on the sports bars may be hidden by the sports bar cover. If this is the case, unzip the cover to attach the pivot bracket then re-zip.

Place the soft top into the back of the jeep. Make sure the bows point forward and that the curved parts of the bows point upward.

Re-attach the knuckles on the bows to the pivot brackets. If needed you can tap the knuckles gently with the rubber mallet to help set them in place.

Install the pivot screws using the using the #T30 Torx head driver. Be careful not to over-tighten the screws, as they can easily strip if too much force is used.

Open the swing gates at the rear of the Jeep to raise the soft top. It can remain stored in the rear of the Jeep when top-down operation is desired.

Disconnect and move the sun visors to the side.

Raise the top by grasping the middle and side bows and raising the top up and over the sports bar. The front of the top should come to rest on top of the windshield.

Examine the top retainers above the doors and make sure they are not caught between the top and the door frame.

Connect the header latches to the loops at the top of the windshield. Just hook the latches but do not fully engage them.

Close the swing gate at the rear of the vehicle.

Pull the sail panels over the back roof bows.

Install the retainers for the sail panel into the side channels of the body. Partially install the sail panel retainers into the body. Leave the last 3 inches by the rear window loose. Do this on both sides.

Install the side windows by attaching the window temporarily to the Velcro in the rear corner. Begin closing the zipper but only about 1 inch.

Install the front window retainer into the door channel. Make sure the retainer is seated completely and properly positioned on the door frame.

Close the zipper along the top edge of the window.

Install the swing gate bar over the receiver at the bottom of the rear window. The soft part of the seal should be positioned down and outward so it will seal with the swing gate when it is closed.

Install the rear window by starting the zipper ends at the lower left corner of the rear window. Make sure the zippers are properly aligned to avoid damaging them.

Close the zipper on the right side of the window.

Insert the swing gate bar into the swing gate brackets.

Press down on the soft top bow at the rear of the top while attaching the sail panel retainers to the body's side channel.

Install the roof retainers into the channels over the doors. Start at the front and work toward the back.

Fully engage the latches above the windshield and move the sun visors back into position.