Instructions for a Eurosec Alarm

The Eurosec security system can be purchased from and installed by any security company. Learning how to program your security system can help you navigate its many options, including setting, disarming and changing the codes for your system.

Using the system's full setting protects your entire house, while part setting protects only the section you indicate. Each system comes with a factory set default code of 5678, which must be changed for security purposes after your system has been installed.

Enter your user code to activate the system and press the "Full" button on the keypad. Listen for the exit tone to sound.

Open the door and walk out. The system won't activate until you close the door.

Press the "quick" button before entering your code to shorten your exit time to three seconds.

Enter your user code at any time to abort your exit and disarm the alarm.

Enter your user code and press the "Part" button. This will activate one of the three zones you can use. The installer will help you set up zones during installation. Press the "Quick" button to set your exit time to three seconds.

Exit the zone and close the door separating the zones. When the door is closed, the system is activated. You can move to any of the other two zones without activating the alarm.

Enter your user code and press 2 or 3 to set the system for other zones. Leave the area and close the door to activate the system.

Enter the building through an authorised entry point. These points will be designated by your installation technician and generally include front and back doors.

Listen for your entry tone. This tone indicates that you have a few moments to enter your code before the alarm sounds.

Go to the keypad and enter your user code. The system will be turned off, and the alarm won't sound.

Enter your user code and press the no button for each option that comes up, until the screen displays "Do You Want to Select Options?" Press the yes button.

Continue pressing the no button until you get to "Do You Want to Program Codes?" Press the yes button. The display will show "Select 1..9." The system accommodates up to nine user codes. Select the number that corresponds to the code you wish to change.

Enter a new four-digit code. Press the yes button to accept the new code.

Press the 0 button twice to set your code.