Troubleshooting an H2O mop

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The H2O Mop is manufactured by Thane USA. Essentially a steam cleaner for your flat home surfaces, it uses steam to wet and sanitise the surface and either a disposable or a microfiber cloth head with which you scrub, clean and dry the surface.

The company offer three different models as of December 2010: the H2O Mop original, H2O Mop Ultra and the H2O Mop X5. If you encounter operational issues with any of these models, Thane USA recommends some troubleshooting steps to take before calling them for support.

Replace the pad with a dry disposable or microfiber pad. Thane warns that you should wait until the pad is cool to the touch before removing it.

Turn off the H20 Mop and permit the unit and water to cool. Dislodge the water container and make sure the level is within the factory-marked acceptable levels to prevent leakage or lack of steam. Replace the water container.

Turn on the H2O Mop and wait for the red light to turn green before using the steam feature.

Run the steam on the H2O Mop for two to three minutes in a sink to release any brown water before the first use or after a long period of no use.

Run a cycle of steam in the sink of one part white vinegar to two parts water in the water container to remove lime scale build-up. Run the steam until the water tank is empty, which should take 10 to 15 minute,s according to Thane USA. Repeat as necessary to remove lime scale, and then rinse out the water container thoroughly with cold water and run a final steam cycle with only half a water tank of fresh, cold water to rinse the system.