Panasonic Microwave NNT-553W Instructions

While Panasonic may be best known for such consumer products as computers, cameras, phones, stereos and shavers, the company also produces home appliances like vacuum cleaners, irons and microwaves. The Panasonic NNT line of microwaves, including the 553W, is intended for home use and includes a rotating glass tray, heat barrier, menu label and automatic light. Standard care and maintenance should be taken with the microwave, such as never placing a metal utensil or item inside the unit during use. Other operating instructions for the microwave are fairly straightforward.

Set the clock by pressing "Clock" once and then entering in the correct time of day using the number pads. Press "Clock" again to set.

Select the desired cooking power level by pressing "Power Level" until the correct power level appears in the display window. P10 is "High, while P7 is "Medium High" and P1 is "Low."

Press "Quick Min" until the desired cooking time appears on the display, then press "Start."

Select the "Keep Warm" button to keep food warm after cooking and then set the warming time by pressing the number keys. Press "Start" to begin.

Press "Popcorn," "Beverage" or "Defrost" to use automatic cooking cycles and times for these foods. Select "Start" to begin.

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