How to reset a Whirlpool AKZ151 oven

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Perhaps you have moved into a new house and found a Whirlpool AKZ 151 oven in the kitchen, or picked up the popular model of oven at a weekend car boot sale or second hand electrical appliances store.

Launched around 2001, the oven features a digital display on the main control panel where you can set the time, temperature and cooking time among other functions. Unlike modern ovens, the Whirlpool AKZ 151 reverts to factory setting during a power cut or when unplugged, meaning you need to reset its settings via the digital display and buttons.

Press the "clock" button once and wait a few seconds for the word "STOP" to disappear and the time on the digital display to flash. Use the small up and down arrow buttons to adjust the clock to the current time.

Press "Clear" to clear the oven temperature or cooking time from the display panel. Set the new temperature with the up and down arrow buttons after pressing "Temp". Press "Bake" to activate the oven.

Press "Timer" to set the new cooking time with the up and down arrow buttons and press "Start" to commence the timing process.