How to Eliminate Furniture Marks From Carpets

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Furniture marks are unavoidable carpeting indentations that stand out even after vacuuming. The indentations form due to the weight of your furniture on the carpet but are removal. The furniture mark removal process is a two-part procedure that eliminates the mark, but not any indentations in your carpet's padding.

Once the marks are gone, use furniture glides or cups, found at carpet and home improvement centres, under the legs of furniture sitting on your carpet to prevent any future indentations.

Move any furniture from where the marks are and place the items in another room or area.

Start at one end of the furniture mark and use the edge of an old spoon to work the fibres of the carpet back upright. Use your fingertips to blend the fibres together.

Fill a bucket or pot with three cups of cold water. Pour about a 1/2 tbsp of water into the area where the furniture mark was to dampen the fibres. Do not totally saturate the carpet --- you only want the fibres damp.

Heat the carpet fibres with a hair dryer as you work the fibres upright with the old spoon and your fingertips. Continue heating and working the carpet fibres until the fibres remain upright and the indentation is gone.