How to Open a Fendi Spy Bag

Fendi is known for making high-end bags that many celebrities wear. One of the more popular Fendi creations is the Spy bag. The Fendi Spy bag is unique; it comes with two to four secret compartments, depending upon the model, which allow you to access additional features such as a coin purse, lipstick container with mirror and extra storage space. Understanding how to open these compartments can be tricky, but that's why it's called a Spy bag.

Separate the two braided handles. Put your finger through the hoop on the opening flap and pull it all the way to the back. This will reveal the secret coin purse.

Locate the opening flap on the front of your Spy bag. Look very closely; there are two claps that secure the lipstick container to the opening flap. Push in both clasps to remove the lipstick container. Note: This feature is available on some Spy bag models.

Separate the two braided handles, and pull back the opening flap. Unzip the bag to reveal the inside compartment. Slide your finger around the edges of the bag to reveal two secret Velcro compartments. Some models only have one compartment.

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