How to Remove Jibbitz

Jibbitz are plastic decorative accents that you can add to Crocs shoes. These accents come in many colours, shapes and sizes, and can look like animals, flowers, cars or even cartoon characters. One positive feature about Jibbitz is that you can install and remove them easily.

This feature is attractive because you can change your Jibbitz to match your outfit or your mood. Removing Jibbitz is a simple process that you can do in no time.

Grasp the Jibbitz you want to remove with one hand.

Grasp the shoe with your other hand. Hold the shoe near the location of the Jibbitz that you are removing.

Pull one edge of the Jibbitz upward as you hold the shoe in place. The edge should come out of the hole easily.

Slide the rest of the Jibbitz out of the hole in the shoe.