How to Use a Static Duster

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Static dusters work by using static electricity to attract dust, making it easy to clean things around the home without chemicals. A static duster pulls dust up from the item you're cleaning, a bit like a magnet would attract metal shavings. Static dusters are easy to use and they clean off with just a shake or two.

Hold the static duster upside down and spin it between your hands to fluff it up before using it the first time. Wipe the duster across a TV screen or a plastic bag to give the duster a static charge.

Use the duster to clean furniture, ceiling fan blades or any place that dust collects (other than computers or items sensitive to static electricity). Dust by gently wiping the duster across the items that need cleaning. Recharge the static charge on the duster as needed, detailed in Step 1. The duster is also useful for removing cobwebs or dusting plants.

Hold the duster upside down and shake it outdoors to release the gathered dust. If necessary, it can be thoroughly cleaned in soapy water.