How to Erect a Bradcot

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Based in West Yorkshire, England, Bradcot manufactures awnings used for campers. In 1999, the company introduced its Easy Frame system, but several models of awning are available, providing a solution for every camper.

Lay out all poles, pegs, and awning material. Slide the awning through the awning tube.

Pull the outer and centre poles to full length and stand them in place. The awning should now be upright and partially supported by the poles. Ensure that the top centre pole is all the way through the inside and accessible from the end of the awning.

Slide out the centre roof support pole. Attach this pole to the side of the caravan. Attach the centre and outer poles. The poles can now be extended to the appropriate length for them to meet.

Attach overhang supports by sliding through loops. Join these overhang support poles together by extending them toward each other. If necessary, add the additional roof or upright supports.

Zip the door and end panels together. Push the skirt towards the caravan as you go.

Place pegs along the bottom of the awning using the hammer. Start this process at the ends of the caravan. Next place pegs on all the corners.

Tension all the poles by pulling them to the appropriate length for support. Start with the centre support pole, then move to the outer poles, and finally the poles on the roof.

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