How to Make Your Own Top Trump Cards

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"Top Trumps" is a popular card game, which comes in many varieties, from cars to TV characters and toys. The packs usually consist of 30 cards, each which contains a different car or character. The cards are divided into piles, with a pile for each of the players.

Deal the cards facing down, so the player cannot see his cards. Each player turns over one card at a time, and takes it in turn to read a category on the card and their score. The other players also read that category, and the player with the highest score wins the other players' cards. The game continues until one player has all the cards. Making your own "Top Trumps" is both easy and fun.

Go to the Top Trumps Template site online and print the template. For a full set of cards, you need to print the template 15 times.

Choose a theme for your "Top Trumps" cards. An example is animals.

Think of some categories for the theme. For animals, this could include average lifespan, fastest running speed, average amount of young per litter...anything you can think of.

Research these categories for the theme you are doing. You will need 30 sets of characteristics; for example, choose 30 animals and research each of your categories for each of the animals.

Fill in the template. Draw or glue a picture of the animal into the space at the top, and write the characteristics and the animals score into the place provided.

Laminate the cards.