How to Keep Dogs Out of the Garden

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With proper care and maintenance, your garden can be the best-ooking part of your outdoor landscaping. Gardens can also be functional, such as vegetable gardens to provide food items for you and your family.

Your garden might not look pretty or produce food, however, if your dog continuously gets in the garden to rummage around, urinate or dig. These are natural behaviours for a dog, so you should never blame your pet when this happens. Instead, start employing strategies to help keep dogs out of your garden.

Give your dog another area of your yard where he's allowed to dig. Fill it with a softer material, such as sand or garden soil to make it more attractive. This can help deter him from digging in your garden.

Create a garden that is not as attractive to your dog. Landscaping materials like bricks, stones and pine cones can help keep the dog away, and densely planted gardens are less attractive to dogs that like to dig.

Raise your garden up to a slightly higher level. This will help prevent your dog from easily accessing it. Small vegetable gardens and flower gardens can easily be raised.

Keep your dog inside when you garden if he insists of digging, urinating or running through the garden when you're in it. You make gardening look like fun, and your dog may just want to be near you.

Watch your dog carefully when out in the yard. Supervision can be a simple, effective way to keep the dog out of the garden. Playing with your dog outdoors can also help make the garden look less attractive. Your dog may just be digging in the garden out of boredom.

Fence off your garden. Even a low, decorative fence can be effective at keeping your dog out.