How to get rid of magpie birds

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Magpies are social birds that are related to ravens, crows and jays. They are well-adapted to living near humans, and their diet includes insects, small mammals, fruits, seeds and nuts. While they do rid gardens of some pests, they can be a nuisance due to their habit of devouring fruits and vegetables from the garden. Learning how to get rid of magpies can be an important step in preserving your garden.

Set up a scarecrow to watch over your garden, and tie long strips of light fabric to its arms. Magpies will not be frightened of a scarecrow that does not move, but the fabric strips will blow in the wind and startle them away.

Suspend pie pans between 3 to 6 feet above your plants or bushes using string. The pie pans are highly reflective and will catch the light, startling the magpies and scaring them off.

Plant wooden poles or dowels in your yard and nail plastic garbage bags to them.

Shred the loose ends of the plastic garbage bags so that they will flutter in the breeze.

Move your pie pans, your posts and your scarecrows around the yard every few days. Magpies are birds that adapt very quickly, and even moving, flashing objects won't keep them away if they become a normal sight.

Play an audio CD of magpie alarm calls at dusk when the magpies are coming in to roost. Play the calls for about 10 to 15 seconds per minute as they are coming in. When the birds are settled, play the call continuously until dark.

Repeat Step 1 just before dawn, when the magpies are beginning to stir.

Repeat Steps 1 and 2 for several days and nights until the magpies have established roosts elsewhere. Be ready to repeat this procedure until they have left your property.

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