How to Take Care of a Shrew

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Shrews are small, mice-like wild animals that live in tunnels underground. If you happen to find one that is about 4 weeks old and without its mother, you may feel it necessary to care for it. Know that shrews will scratch and bite and are best not to have around children. Shrews can live up to about 3 years. If you are taking care of more than one shrew, make sure they stay apart.

Place a heating pad designed for reptiles under an aquarium or bucket at a low temperature. Fill one-fourth of the container with shredded newspaper or straw and soil.

Fill a dish or saucer with water and place it in the aquarium or bucket. Place an object the shrew can use to hide in such as a PVC tube or paper towel tube. Make sure there is enough dirt for the shrew to also hide in by making a tunnel.

Feed the shrew crickets and worms, which can be bought at a bait or pet store. If these items are unavailable, you can feed the shrew cat food or ground meat. Feed the shrew at least every 30 minutes. They eat often due to their high metabolism.

Care for the shrew until you feel it is able to survive in the wild on its own. Place it in an outdoor area, such as a garden, where there are plenty of insects for it to eat. Shrews will help prevent insects from ruining your plants. For example, shrews dig a hole and go into the ground, removing worms that eat at the roots of your plants.

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