How to Repel a Fox With Plants or Herbs

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Foxes can be beneficial in reducing rodent populations, and beautifying the landscape. In spite of this, foxes are often unwanted in yards because they may occasionally feed on chickens and other small pets or chew on cables and plants. You can repel the predators harmlessly and naturally with spicy plants and sprays that foxes find unpalatable.

Border your garden and yard with hot pepper, garlic and yellow onion plants.

Make a spicy spray: chop up a hot pepper with a head of garlic or an onion and boil the vegetables in 2 qt. of water. Blend the mixture and strain solids through a sieve. Spray the mixture on garden plants, cables and anything else you wish to protect. The spicier the pepper you use, the more unpalatable your spray will be.

Respray your yard twice a week and after heavy rainfalls.

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