How to Repair Tumi Luggage

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Tumi luggage is a high-end brand used for business and everyday travel. It comes in a variety of styles and colours and is known for being well-made. If your Tumi luggage becomes damaged and need repairs, you can contact the manufacturer and start the repair process.

Check the date on the Tumi warranty that came with your purchase. If you've owned your Tumi luggage for less than a year, Tumi will repair or replace your damaged luggage. If you've owned your Tumi luggage for two to five years, Tumi will repair any damage due to manufacturer defects. If your bag is over 5 years old, the damage will not be covered by Tumi, and you will need to cover the full cost of the repairs. If you no longer have your warranty paperwork, contact Tumi through their web site (see Resources) and provide them with your "tracer number" located on the tag on the bottom of your luggage, under the bar code. Tumi will be able to determine your warranty based on your number.

Take your broken luggage directly to an authorised Tumi repair shop if your luggage is no longer under warranty. A list of authorised repair shops can be found by contacting Tumi at 800-781-8864.

Fill out the repair request form on the Tumi web site (see Resources) if your luggage is still under warranty.

Wait for an e-mail response from Tumi, which will include a repair tracking number and the address of a local Tumi repair facility.

Take your broken Tumi luggage to the local Tumi repair facility. Give the broken luggage and the repair tracking number to the facility. The facility will repair your luggage.