Candy Floss Machine Instructions

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Candyfloss or candyfloss is a type of candy made from spun sugar. The sugar is melted in the centre of the machine, and the resulting syrup is flung against the walls of the candy machine to spin the sugar syrup into a fine floss. Operating a candyfloss machine is a very simple process that almost anyone can do. Even children can have fun making their own candyfloss with a candyfloss machine.

Wash all parts of the candyfloss maker that will come into contact with the candy. This is normally a bowl and a centre piece that turns the bowl. Dry the pieces with a dish towel and allow to air dry completely before making the candy.

Plug in the candyfloss maker to a wall outlet. Place the candy maker on a flat and clean surface. Turn on the candyfloss maker for five minutes. Turn off the machine after the five minutes are up.

Pour the appropriate amount of sugar into the centre sugar compartment on the candyfloss machine. Some units include a scoop to use for measuring sugar. Put in the appropriate number of scoops. Most machines can hold about one or two tablespoons of sugar.

Turn the machine back on. Place the cover on the machine to prevent the candy from flying out of the machine. The sugar will melt and start to turn into candyfloss after about five minutes.

Remove the cover from the machine. Dip a paper cone into the sugar floss vertically while the machine is still running. Allow the sugar to form a small ball on the base of the cone. Lay the paper cone with the blob on the middle horizontal in the pan. Turn the paper cone several times to collect the entire pan of candyfloss onto the cone.

Serve the candy immediately, or store in airtight bags. Make additional candyfloss using the same instructions. If you want to change candy colours, wash out the bowl and sugar container before making the new colour.

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