How to sleep in an office chair

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If you're unfortunately stuck in the office overnight --- or if the bed in your house is taken by guests --- you can still get a good night's sleep in an office chair.

Although you won't feel as refreshed when you wake up in the morning, you can still get some shut-eye and feel rejuvenated enough to be productive when you wake up. As long as you take steps to ensure your comfort, you'll be sleeping in your office chair in no time.

Use the right chair. Select a chair that's completely covered in cushioned material so you're comfortable and can sink into it. This kind of chair is perfect for sleeping.

Lean back. Some office chairs recline, which you can use to mimic a lying down feeling. You can still lean back and take pressure off your backside in chairs that don't recline.

Take your shoes off, and prop up your feet. Throwing your shoes on the company desk or your desk at home isn't the best choice, and your feet will become sore if you leave your shoes on the entire time. Take your shoes off, and lay your feet on a desk or something that can act as a foot rest, such as another chair or stool.

Put your head on the chair's armrest. Armrests are traditionally for arms, but they make good headrests, too. If you get tired of leaning back, switch positions and lay your head on the armrest, or place your arm on the armrest and your head on your arm.

Shut off the lights. You'll fall asleep faster and sleep better without light constantly shining in your eyes.