How to get a curved nose stud out

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Piercings can be funky, creative ways to adorn your body, using a wide variety of decorative options including nose studs and rings. Curved nose studs, with a corkscrew-like fastener, are becoming more popular, partly, perhaps, because the stud is better held in place due to the curved shape of the jewellery fastener. While the scariest part of nose piercing may be the actual hole made in the cartilage, some problems can arise due to the choice of piercing or jewellery. Newcomers to nose piercing or veterans looking to switch to a curved nose stud can remove these studs quickly and safely in a few simple steps.

Pull the nose stud down until it is flat against your nose.

Push the nose stud toward your face until it meets resistance.

Pull the nose stud down toward your chin and out of your nose slowly.

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