How do I Buy a Dry Float Bed?

Dry float beds, which are used in dry flotation therapy, are used to improve health and for relaxation in spas. These beds use a specialised mattress, which floats over water, to create a feeling of floating for the individual lying on the bed.

According to Floataway, floating on a dry float bed is beneficial for relaxing, stress reduction, pain relief and improved blood flow. The website also states that the use of a dry float bed improves thinking by improving memory for facts, creative thinking and meditation.

Research available float bed systems. There are a few different types of dry float beds available on the market that range from the typical dry float beds seen in spas to more complicated devices or full rooms.

Set a maximum budget. A dry float bed is an expensive system. The cost can range between a couple thousand dollars to several thousand dollars, depending on the system and quality. A maximum price point for the purchase will eliminate any dry float bed system that is too expensive.

Select a vendor and purchase the product. In most cases, the purchase is made online through companies that specialise in spa items or through the manufacturer directly. If purchasing for personal use, online purchases are the most common type of purchase. Anyone that is purchasing through a spa will have salesmen or catalogues made available by the spa. The Floataway website has dry float beds and similar items available for purchase. Another option is through Preferred Health Choice, which sells health and spa devices.