How to Disassemble a Waterpik

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The Waterpik, also known as a Water Flosser, can be a useful tool for maintaining your oral health. It has two standard counter top models: the Waterpik Ultra and the Waterpik Classic. It also has a cordless model known as the Waterpik Cordless. After assembling and using your unit according to product guidelines, you may want to disassemble it and put it away for another day's use.

Turn off the unit. The power switch is on the side of the unit.

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Unplug the unit from the electrical socket. Do this if you are using a countertop Waterpik.

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Dry the unit with a towel or cloth.

Push down the tip eject knob. This knob is located towards the top of the handle. After pushing this knob, you will hear a click and the tip will disengage from the handle.

Snap the tip to the base or to the top of the unit. A countertop Waterpik has a specific site to store your tip on either the base of the unit with the Classic model or on the top of the unit with the Ultra model. With the Waterpik Cordless unit, store your tips in either a clean plastic bag or holder.

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Dump out the water in the reservoir. With the countertop Waterpik unit, the reservoir is on the top of the unit. With the Waterpik Cordless unit, the reservoir is on the side of the unit. Open the flip top to release water from the side reservoir.

Plug the charger into the unit. If you are using the Waterpik Cordless unit, charge the unit using an socket.

Store the unit in a dry area.

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