Instructions for Starting a Stihl MS 170 Chain Saw

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The Stihl MS 170 chain saw has a specific starting sequence you must follow in order to ensure your safety and the safety of others working around you. Using the correct starting sequence also ensures that you are not damaging the motor or any other parts in the Stihl MS 170 chain saw.

The starting sequence takes little time to learn and does not require any special tools.

Press forward on the hand guard located in front of the front handle to engage the chain lock. Always engage the chain lock before starting the Stihl MS 170.

Press in on the trigger interlock on the front of the chain saw body. Press and hold the throttle trigger on the back handle.

Move the "Master Control" switch to "Cold Start." The switch is located to the left of the throttle interlock on the front of the chain saw body.

Lay the chain saw on the ground.

Hold the front handle with your left hand and place your right foot on the back handle to ensure that the chain saw doesn't kick when starting.

Pull the handle of the start rope until you feel it engage, then pull quickly on it to start the motor. Repeat this step until the motor sounds like it is going to start.

Move the "Master Control" switch to "Warm Start" and continue pulling on the starter rope until the motor starts.

Squeeze the throttle trigger quickly when the motor starts to keep it running. The "Master Control" switch will automatically move to the "Run" position when the motor starts and you press the throttle trigger.