How to Troubleshoot a Dyson DC16

The Dyson DC16 is a hand-held vacuum. The machine is meant for quick spot cleaning or for deep-cleaning small areas such as your car or stairs. If you have a DC16 vacuum that appears to have stopped working or stopped working properly, troubleshoot it to determine and fix the problem. If your DC16 has lost suction or if the LED light is flashing, the machine may be overheating due to clogs in the system or dirty filters. Remove clogs and clean filters to help the machine to operate properly. Contact the Dyson company if the machine is not fixed.

Turn off the machine.

Unlock the dirt canister by pressing the release tab. Remove the canister from the machine.

Remove the blue filter from the inside of the machine.

Peel the blue filter from the filter frame.

Rinse the filter with cool water to remove all of the dirt, dust and debris. Wring the filter dry and set it aside to dry it completely.

Wash the filter frame. Set it aside to dry completely.

Remove the filter cover from the top of the DC16 handle.

Remove the blue filter from inside the handle filter cover.

Wash the filter until you've removed all of the dirt. Wring it dry and set it aside to dry.

Let the filters dry for at least 12 hours.

Replace the filters inside the cover and frame. Place the filters back in the machine. Put the dirt canister back into the machine.

Check the machine for blockages if it is still doesn't have suction. Look inside the tools and the nozzle for blockages. Remove any blockages with a long-handle brush.

Remove the clear bin from below the dirt canister by pressing the release button and pulling down.

Wipe out the container with a clear cloth to remove any blockages.

Replace the clear container.

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