How to Record Onto a DVD From a BBC iPlayer

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The BBC iPlayer is an online application that lets users watch some of the BBC's content online. However, if you are interested in watching some of these shows on a DVD player, that's not easy to do with the BBC iPlayer as it is. You can, however, record some of the shows off the iPlayer, then burn them to a DVD to watch whenever you want. This is a relatively simple recording process, all on your computer.

Download and install an iPlayer recording program. Open the program.

Load the BBC iPlayer application and select the episode you want to watch. Each episode has a "programme ID," associated with it. Find this ID in one of the links, and copy that ID number.

Input that ID number into the field in your iPlayer recorder.

Click the "Download" button. A dialogue box will appear asking where you want to save the video file. Let the program download the file.

Download and install, or open a DVD-authoring program of your choice. There are some listed in the Resources section if you don't already have one of these programs.

Select the .mov file you recorded from BBC iPlayer using the authoring tool.

Insert a blank DVD into the recording drive on your computer.

Change any settings or options you plan to use with this DVD. Click the "Burn" or "Record" button, depending on your authoring tool of choice.

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