How to Upgrade From Microsoft Money 2000

Microsoft Money 2000 is a financial management software that lets you set budgets, plan finances and track expenses. Microsoft discontinued the family of Microsoft Money products in late June 2009. The company still provides an upgrade path for Microsoft Money 2000 users with the release of the Microsoft Money Plus Sunset versions. These versions have the same features as their last release, known as Microsoft Money Plus, but lack the activation requirements and online services. Safely upgrade your old Microsoft Money version by acquiring the desired sunset version.

Visit the Microsoft Money Plus Sunset home page (see Resources) and click the link that leads to the version to which you want to upgrade. Click the "Download" button and save the installer to your desktop or any familiar location on your hard disk.

Double-click the installer that you just downloaded to begin the upgrade process. Confirm that you wish to install Microsoft Money Plus and wait for the installer to initialise.

Click the "I Accept" button to start the installation. Click the "Finish" button after the installation completes.

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