How to Reset a Montblanc Briefcase Combination Lock

Montblanc's leather collection includes several styles of briefcases with combination locks. When you go to purchase your Montblanc briefcase, select one that has the combination lock set to all zeros. You can only reset the combination lock on a Montblanc briefcase from this factory default setting to your new personal combination number one time. If you forget your personal combination number, you will need to take the briefcase back to Montblanc or a locksmith to reset the combination again.

Close the briefcase and the lock.

On the 4810 Westside models, turn the two dials to your chosen combination. On the Meisterstuck models, hold down the "Montblanc" bar while turning the dials to your chosen combination. On the Cashmere in Leather models, push the left button in to the right and hold it while you turn the dials to your chosen combination.

Release the lock. The combination is now reset. Write down your combination in a secure place.

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