Instructions for the Belkin SurgeMaster

Any electrical devices you connect to a wall outlet are potentially exposed to harmful power surges, which may render your computer or home theatre equipment completely useless. A surge protector prevents your equipment from being damaged during a power surge, and also allows you to connect multiple devices into a single wall outlet. Models in the SurgeMaster line also include extra features beyond just using power plugs, such as allowing you to connect your cable modem or telephone line.

Plug the SurgeMaster's power cable into any electrical wall outlet within range of the surge protector and close enough to connect to your other devices. Unplug the plastic stoppers in each of the power cable ports.

Connect the power cables for any devices you need to protect from electrical surges into the standard power ports at the top end of the surge protector.

Check the ports at the bottom end of the surge protector to see if your SurgeMaster model has movable ports. Movable ports are circular instead of angled toward the sides of the device.

Push down on any of the movable ports and rotate them if you have large power cables that won't fit normally. Plug any oversized cables into the rotated port.

Insert your cable line into the "Cable In" port on the side of the surge protector and turn the line clockwise until it locks in place. Attach a second cable line to the "Cable Out" port and hook the opposite end of the cable to your cable modem or other cable device.

Plug the telephone line coming from your telephone outlet into the "Telephone In" port on the side of the SurgeMaster. Attach one end of another telephone cable to the "Telephone Out" port and plug the opposite end in your wired phone the modem jack on your computer.

Press the power button to the "On" position to send power to all the attached devices. Press the button to the "Off" position to prevent electricity from flowing to any of the devices.

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