How to use a tassimo coffee maker

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Tassimo Coffee Makers are convenient when you only one or two cups of coffee. Unlike regular coffee makers, you can even make lattes and cappuccinos, and with much less effort than if you had a cappuccino machine. As with any new appliance, it takes some getting used to in terms of its operation.

However, there is a process to prepare it for every day use. Once this preparation is completed, you can start using your Tassimo coffee maker normally, which is a fairly easy and simple process.

Prepare Tassimo Coffee Maker for use by following the instructions included with the machine.

Fill cold water container in the back of the machine and turn on machine by pressing the on/off button. Wait for the heating light to appear.

Place a standard sized coffee cup in the cup stand. Adjust if necessary so that the rim is closest to the brewing spout.

Select your choice of T-Disk and position in the T-Disk holder. Clamp down on the brewing mechanism until it shuts and clicks.

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Press the on/off button again, once the "auto" light has turned on. Brewing will start automatically, and during this five-minute process, the "manual" light will light up, giving you the chance to customise your drink as you wish. Once it's done brewing and filling, the light will return to the "heating" stage.