How to Kill Bed Bugs With Disinfectant

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Bedbugs can be a serious problem and their bites can cause ailments like rashes and anaemia. In some cases, bedbug bite victims have even had reactions strong enough to cause anaphylactic shock. Although their presence can be a danger to your health, the solution for getting rid of these nasty pests is easy, but requires hard work and attention to detail. Bedbugs are sensitive to high temperatures and you can get rid of any stragglers with disinfectant.

Remove and isolate your sheets, blankets and pillow cases. Place them in a plastic bag and spray generously with disinfectant. Seal the bag with a tight knot until you can get the sheets to the washing machine.

Load the bedsheets into the washer and wash using the highest heat setting and your usual detergent. After washing, load the bedsheets into the dryer using the highest setting. This, coupled with the disinfectant, will kill off any bedbugs and their eggs.

Treat your bedroom with disinfectant while you wait for the sheets to dry. Scrub down any furniture in your room with a solution of hot water and disinfectant. Make sure to clean the area beneath your bed. If your bedroom is carpeted, spray generous amounts of disinfectant spray over the area.

Lift your mattress off of your bed and stand it upright. Spray every surface of the mattress with disinfectant spray. Apply a liberal coating of disinfectant to your box spring, as well. Open your windows and allow the room to dry.

Replace the mattress on your bed and vacuum the carpets in your bedroom. As an added precaution, buy an airtight plastic bed cover and seal your mattress for a year to ensure the death of any bedbugs burrowed in the centre of the mattress. When the sheets are dry, place them back on the mattress.

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