Scoreboard alarm clock instructions

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Team Sports America offers a variety of scoreboard clocks and alarm clocks. You can buy these clocks with the logo and colours of different sports team. All of the buttons to set the alarm clock are on the back. There are four buttons, "A," "B," "C" and "D." Some of the alarm clock units can set up to three separate alarm times. To set additional alarm times, repeat the alarm setting steps.

Date and time

Adjust the time format from 12 to 24 hours, if desired. Press and hold "B" for three seconds to switch from a 12-hour format to a 24-hour format. To switch back, press and hold the "B" button for three seconds.

Set the year. Push the "A" button once. The four-digit year flashes on the screen. Press the "B" or "C" button to adjust the year.

Press the "A" button to set the date. The month flashes on the screen. Press either "B" or "C" to move the month. Press the button until you hit the correct month. Set the day by pressing "A" again. The day flashes on the screen. Press either "B" or "C" to adjust the day.

Set the time. Push "A." The hour flashes on screen. Use the "B" or "C" button to scroll to the proper hour. Push "A." The minutes flashes on the screen. Press "B" or "C" to scroll to the proper minute.

Push "D" to activate the unit.


Press "C." This enables the alarm. "A1" flashes over the temperature area.

Press "A." The hour flashes. Adjust the hour using the "B" or "C" button.

Set the minutes by pressing "A" again. Adjust using "B" or "C."

Set the time by pressing "A."

Activate the alarm by pressing "D."

Clear the alarm

Push "C." "A1" flashes in the temperature area.

Press "B" to clear the time. The time should read "--:--" in the display.

Activate this setting by pressing "D."

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