How to Install Instructions for a Toyota Yaris Mirror

The side view mirrors on the Toyota Yaris bolt onto the side of the door with three studs fixed to the mating surface of the mirror housing. The bolts extend through the sheet metal, sub frame and inner door panel of the door and bolt into place behind a plastic access panel. This makes replacing mirror on the Yaris relatively easy because you only need a socket set and a few minutes of your time.

Open the door on the Yaris and roll down the window. This allows you access to both the mounting bolts and the mirror housing at the same time. Position yourself between the door and the side of the Yaris.

Pull the triangular access panel off the inner door by pulling it off with your hands. The panel is located on the inner door, directly opposite the mirror.

Disconnect the wiring harness that connects the motor located inside the housing with the mirror control switch on the lower driver's side dashboard. The connector for the harness is behind the access panel you removed. Pull the two connectors apart.

Remove two of the three nuts that secure the mirror to the door using a socket and ratchet. Hold the mirror as you remove the third bolt to prevent the mirror from falling off the door.

Pull the mirror away from the door and insert the studs of the new mirror into the door. Hold the mirror as you thread all three nuts onto the posts with your fingers. Tighten the nuts with your socket.

Push the two ends of the wiring harness together and push the harness into the sub frame of the door.

Place the triangular cover onto the inner door and snap it into place.

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