How to Replace the Mirror in a Honda Jazz

The side mirror housing on the Honda Jazz bolts to the vehicle just like every other late-model Honda vehicle. The housing that holds the mirror lens and the motor has three threaded posts connected to it. These posts extend through the sheet metal on the outside of the door, through the sub frame on the door and then secure to the inner door via three nuts. Fortunately, if you need to replace the mirror, you do not have to remove the whole housing to do so. You can remove the mirror lens from the mirror housing.

Push the right side of the driver's side mirror lens into the mirror housing as you would if you were adjusting the mirror inward. If replacing the passenger mirror, push the left side of the mirror lens into the mirror housing. The object is to push the other side of the mirror out of the housing so you can grab a hold of it.

Grasp the end of the mirror pushed out of the housing with your hand and pull outward on it. On the back of the mirror lens is a metal bracket. When you pull on the mirror, the metal bracket pulls out of a slot cut into the motor bolted inside the housing. Keep pulling until the mirror is free of the housing.

Place the tip of the bracket located on the new mirror into the slot on the motor and push in on the lens. As you push in, the bracket lines the mirror lens up with the housing. Continue to push on the lens until the lens rests inside the housing like normal.

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