How to Reset the Combination on a 1910 Samsonite Spinner Luggage

altrendo images/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Samsonite luggage has been selling since 1910, though only under the name Samsonite since 1941. Samsonite makes a wide variety of luggage including Spinner suitcases. Spinners are suitcases with four wheels that can be turned any direction on the wheels.

Spinners are available in different sizes and in different Samsonite product lines, including the 1910 series. On the suitcases with combination locks, like the 1910 Spinner, Samsonite locks can be easily programmed to any combination wanted.

Set the lock dial to the current combination and open the suitcase.

Slide the lock release button as if you were opening the suitcase and hold the button in that position.

Turn the lock dial to the new combination desired.

Release the button. The lock is set to the combination on the dial.