How to remove wax from melting pots

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Melting pots are used to melt wax to be used for making homemade candles. Making your own candles is an enjoyable craft, resulting in a product you can enjoy at home or give as a gift. When making candles you melt the wax, along with other ingredients such as colour and fragrance, in the melting pot before pouring the melted substance into candle moulds. Removing wax and fragrance from your melting pot is important so the next batch of candles isn't affected by the leftover remnants of the previous batch.

Fill a pot with water and bring the water to a boil. Lay paper towels on your work surface and place your melting pot on the paper towels. Carefully pour boiling water into the melting pot to melt the wax stuck inside.

Allow the boiling water to sit in the melting pot for a couple of minutes so the wax has time to melt into the hot water. Take the melting pot with water outside and empty the mixture into a second pot. Do not pour the water and wax down your drain, as the wax can cause a clog when it hardens.

Pour 1/2 cup white vinegar into your melting pot. Swish the vinegar around inside the melting pot and allow the vinegar to remain in the melting pot for five minutes. Vinegar helps loosen and remove the waxy and greasy residue left by wax.

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Scrub the inside of your melting pot with a nylon mesh scrubber and the white vinegar. Pour the vinegar out of your melting pot and then rinse the melting pot thoroughly with warm water.

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Dry your melting pot with a clean, dry dish towel before storing it away for the next use.

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