How to Make Soap With Ghee

handmade soap image by Alison Bowden from

Ghee is clarified butter, a popular cooking ingredient in India and a popular frying medium all over the world. Since clarified butter lacks the water and protein found in regular butter, it has a much higher smoke point, meaning you can fry things at very high temperatures.

Ghee also has remarkable skin-softening properties. Like other butters, it sinks into the skin and keeps it moisturised and smooth. For this reason, ghee soap can be beneficial to dry skin.

Chop up a pound of shea or cocoa butter soap base into quarter-sized pieces. These bases are available at soap and candle making shops or online. Make sure they're 100 per cent pure butter without additives. Place the pieces in the top of your double boiler.

Fill the bottom of your boiler about halfway with water. Place the top inside the bottom and set the boiler over medium low heat. Stir occasionally as the butter melts to avoid sticking or burning. Once melted, add the ghee and 10 to 12 drops of essential oils. Vanilla, chocolate, cinnamon and other spicy scents work well with ghee's buttery smell.

Add enough liquid colourant to achieve your desired colour. The soap will darken a little as it dries. If shooting for petal pink soap, stop adding colour just before you've achieved the ideal shade.

Pour your soap into a blender. Turn it on high for about 60 seconds. This helps emulsify the ghee and mix it thoroughly into the soap base. Pour the soap into moulds and let them set for 24 hours. Release the soap from the moulds and wrap it in cling film right away.