How to Open Publisher Files With OpenOffice

Hill Creek Pictures/Lifesize/Getty Images

Microsoft Office Publisher is a software program used to create documents. The format for Publisher files, .Pub, is not compatible with other word processing programs, such as OpenOffice Writer. This can be aggravating if you do not have Publisher installed on your computer, but wish to open and edit a .Pub file.

The OpenOffice support team recommends converting a .Pub file into a format that is compatible with the suite's word processor. Once you do, the .Pub file can be opened and edited in OpenOffice Writer.

Visit the Zamzar website.

Click "Browse" found under the "Step 1" heading on the Zamzar page. A window appears.

Click the Publisher file inside the window that you'll be opening with OpenOffice. Click "Open."

Click the menu under the "Step 2" heading on the Zamzar page. Choose "Doc" or "ODT" inside the menu. These two formats are compatible with the OpenOffice word processor.

Type your e-mail address in the box found under the "Step 3" heading on the Zamzar page. Click "Convert" found under the "Step 4" heading on the page. The Publisher file is converted to the format you selected.

Sign into the email account for the address you entered on the Zamzar website. Open the email that was sent to you from the Zamzar service. Click on the download link that's in the Zamzar message. A new page opens.

Click the download button on the new page to download the converted file.

Open OpenOffice Writer.

Click "File" at the top of the publisher. Choose "Open." A window opens.

Click the converted file inside the window, then click "Open." The file opens in OpenOffice.