How to Recycle Silicone Rubber

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Silicone rubber can be found in belting and silicone-treated fabric, hoses, spent moulds and pads, among other items. By recycling this reusable resource, you are preventing toxins from entering groundwater and soil as well as keeping more resources away from landfills and preserving natural resources.

Two companies that recycle silicone rubber are Fairview United, based in Virginia and offering nationwide pickups, and Harmony Recycling, a firm based in North Carolina that handles pickups east of the Mississippi River. Both companies offers daily and weekly pickup services for recyclable items.

Find additional recycling centres in your state by logging onto the Environmental Protection Agency website and selecting the recycling link. You will find a list of recycling programs by state under the industrial materials recycling section. Click on the link for your state to obtain information about recycling options in your area.

Make sure the recycling centre you select accepts your type of silicone rubber. Schedule a pickup of your material if it meets the facility's quantity requirements or drop it off.

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