Horse Hair Hitching Instructions

You can start creating a unique product by learning how to hitch horsehair over quality leather. This can make your hitched horsehair tack stronger and more durable for daily use. The integrity of the leather will not be compromised if you hitch horsehair right over it. In fact, the hitching is the one that provides support and strength to the device. The art of hitching involves creating a series of half-hitch knits that are arranged concentrically on your dowel to make geometric patterns. Note, however, that hitching horsehair is not the same as braiding.

Pull the horsehair by collecting 10 hairs and tying these on one end. This will be referred to as your "pull."

Soak your white hair pulls in your hydrogen peroxide for at least one week in order to clean the hair.

Dye your pulls to your desired colour and allow them to dry for a few hours.

Shampoo your pulls three to four times to make sure the dye colours will not run.

Divide each pull into about five sections and twist its hairs together.

Tie your pulls to your No. 9 twine and your wooden dowel in order to begin the hitching.

Create a series of knots in half-hitch by weaving the horsehair right around your dowel rod, forming your preferred design.

Remove your dowel rod from the centre of the completed horsehair creation.

Press the completed work to flatten your design. You can now attach the piece to your leather.

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