How to Convert a Pin Name Badge to Magnetic Fasteners

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Pinning a name badge onto your clothing can snag or damage the fabric, and if you accidentally prick your finger on the sharp point of the pin, you will leave bloodstains on your clothing. It isn't necessary to toss your old name badge. Transform the badge into a magnetic name tag and give it new life. When purchasing the magnetic fastener, select the largest possible one, but make sure it will be concealed behind the badge. If the magnet is too small, it won't hold the badge. A magnet that is too large will be visible and unattractive.

Open the pin clasp on the name badge and securely grasp the pin with the pliers.

Wiggle the pin gently, to break it from the back of the badge. Keep the nose of the pliers as close to the back of the badge as possible when doing this. You don't want to leave a pin stub behind.

Apply superglue to the flat side of one magnet half and affix it to the back of the name badge, where you removed the pin. Center the magnet on the back of the name tag. Position it so that when wear the name tag, the magnet is not visible. Allow it to thoroughly dry.

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