How to Bypass BlackBerry Password Prompts

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BlackBerrys are often used for more than just simply making a phone call. You can send and receive e-mails, browse the Internet, sync your computer to your phone and use your phone for many other personal reasons. Because of this, many people add password protection to their phones to keep unwanted people from peeking into their personal information. However, if you do not need a password (or are sick of always having to type your password into your phone), you can easily remove and bypass the password prompts altogether.

Press the "BlackBerry Menu" button on your phone.

Select "Options" from the BlackBerry Menu.

Click "Security Options."

Click "General Settings" from the Security Options screen.

Highlight "Enable" to the right of "Password." Click on your trackball or track pad to change the options. Select "Disable."

Enter your password--this is necessary to ensure that someone else is not trying to turn off your password prompts.

Click on the "back arrow" button on your phone, and select "Save."

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