How to Build a Sausage Stuffer

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Homemade sausage is a way to experiment with different meats, herbs and spices, and is more simple than many think. You don't need a fancy sausage stuffer to fill the casings; you can make a simple sausage stuffer at home with pastry supplies and a food processor. Using the stuffer may take some time in the beginning to get used to, but once you get the hang of it, you should be mastering the art of sausage stuffing in no time.

Adjust the pastry piping bag so the wide tip is snugly inserted. An 808 round tip is suggested. Make sure the tip isn't too wide; the casing should be able to go halfway up the tip.

Fill the pastry bag halfway full with sausage mixture. Use a large bag if you are comfortable with a pastry bag, or a smaller one for easier control if you are not used to a pastry bag. Shake bag downward so the mixture is compacted slightly. Push out the air.

Insert the tip of the pastry bag into the casing and tightly secure it with the elastic band. Apply pressure to the bag as the sausage mixture begins to fill up the casing. Hold onto the end of the casing as it fills up.

Leave enough casing at the end so you can twist it into portions when you are done filling each sausage. Once the casing is completely full to where you want it, pinch with your thumb and forefinger, and tie a knot there. Twist the casing toward you. After filling the second sausage, twist the casing away from you. Repeat this process until the casing has been filled into separate sausages.

Rinse out the sausage stuffer pastry bag and tip for future use.

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