How to Track an HTC Phone

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HTC is a fast growing company in the mobile phone sector that was established in 2006. Since then it has built a reputation as a maker of high-end cell phones that have innovative design coupled with cutting edge technology. Since the phones can often cost several hundred dollars you probably want to have a way to track your HTC phone in case it is lost or stolen. Installing a GPS software is one way to do it.

Go online to purchase a web-enabled GPS tracking software that you can install on your HTC phone such as Google Maps for Mobile, Mologogo, and Accutracking. These programs should work on any model of HTC phone.

Try Google Maps for Mobile. This is a good choice if you are looking for a complete GPS tracking and navigation package. This program has lots of features that are only available on car GPS systems such as turn by turn audio directions. It also allows you to search for a destination and when it is found it will give you the quickest way to get there. To track your HTC cell phone you simply need to install the program on the phone. Once installed you will be able to login to your Google Maps account from any computer or cell phone connected to the internet to see where it is.

Get Mologogo. This is a simpler program than Google, although it does use the same maps. This application was designed more for tracking than for navigating so it lacks a lot of the bells and whistles. It will however allow you to transmit the location of your phone to friends and family so that if you have misplaced your HTC mobile they can help locate it for you. It also has a perimeter feature that will let you know when the phone has crossed into a restricted area. This is great if you have kids that you want to keep track of.

Get Accutracking. This program is designed more for business use, for example if you need to track employees. However it can also be used to keep track of your friends or family as well. Although it does have good tracking and navigating features its strength is in its ability to create reports. You will be able to get data such as a person's speed, how long their average stop is, as well as a 30 day history of movement. So if you need to track an employee's HTC phone this is a good program to consider.

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