How to Set Up Simpsons Chess

"The Simpsons" chess set is made of 32 3D models of the characters from the long-running animated series, but plays exactly like the standard game of chess. Chess is a highly strategic game involving two oppositely-coloured armies facing off on a checkered battlefield. Once you've unpacked the board and models, you have to set the board up correctly if you want to play--or even to display the chess set properly.

Lay the chessboard flat on your play surface with one of the thicker black borders facing you.

Place the Homer statue, the King, in the middle of the last row, on the darker-coloured space. Place the other King piece on the corresponding space on the opposite side.

Place Marge, the Queen, on the centre-most space next to Homer, the lighter coloured one. Repeat with the other Queen piece.

Place a Bart, the bishops, on either side of the King and Queen--his parents. Place the other Barts on the opposite side.

Place the Krusty the Clown models, which are the Knights, on either side of the Bart statues. Do the same with the Krusty pieces on the other side.

Place the Lisa-shaped Rook pieces on the corners on both sides of the board. All of these pieces make up the back row. Repeat with the other Rooks.

Place all of the red Maggie pieces in front of the back row, making up the red side's front row. Do the same with all of the blue Maggie pieces.

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