How to Change the Codes on Lockwood Digital Locks

Lockwood manufactures a wide range of options when it comes to residential and commercial security, including high-quality digital entry locks. One Lockwood feature is that temporary access can be given to service providers or house guests, and then the lock can be reset to a new four-, five- or six-digit code of your choice. The changing of the entry code on any Lockwood digital keypad ensures security that you can control as needed.

Remove the digital lock keypad assembly from the door by loosening and removing the two screws on the interior-side of the door that secure the lockset.

Prepare the lock keypad for setting the new code by removing the rear adaptor plate, if applicable, and the rubber gasket from the backside of the keypad. Next, detach the security backplate by removing the four red screws securing it. Lift the backplate off the tumbler chamber and set aside.

Hold the lock keypad assembly horizontal and depress the "C" button on the keypad during the recoding procedure.

Set the new code using tweezers to reposition the tumblers as follows: insert the tumbler's red-coloured end upward into each new number or letter of the code, making certain to keep the large square cut-out in the tumbler facing the outside edge of the keypad. Insert the tumbler's blue-coloured end upward into each of the remaining holes, also making certain the large square cut-out in the tumbler is facing the outside edge of the keypad.

Release the "C" button on the keypad and reinstall the security backplate with the four red screws removed in Step 2 using a screwdriver.

Test that the new code releases the lock knob, then reinstall the keypad onto the door using the two screws removed in Step 1.

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