Digital Home Safe Instructions

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A digital home safe can keep your precious small items and important documents safe in case of a break-in or disaster such as an earthquake or fire. The Hilka is one company that produces digital home safes of many shapes and sizes that can be installed and concealed in your home for maximum protection.

When using this model of digital home safe, you will be able to create a new combination by following the operating instructions for the device.

Remove the plastic lock cover on the front of the safe. Inside, you see a hole to insert the manual override key. Insert this key and turn it to the left while pulling the safe handle to the right. The safe opens.

Remove the battery cover located on the inside of the safe door. Insert four AA batteries into the exposed compartment, taking note of the "+" and "-" symbols on the inside. Replace the battery cover when finished.

Remove the white cover from the reset button located on the inside of the door. Press the reset button once. You hear a beep to indicate that the memory has been cleared and that you can now enter a new combination.

Enter a combination from three to eight digits long using the keypad on the front of the safe. Keep the door open during this process. Press the "B" button when finished. Write down your combination as you will need it anytime you want to open the safe after this step.

Close the safe and turn the knob counterclockwise. It is locked. Press the "B" button on the keypad. Enter your combination and press the "B" button again. Turn the knob clockwise to open the safe door. If the safe does not respond to your combination, use the manual override key to open it and repeat the programming process.